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Cells You can also access this NPC using /cell.

This NPC is used to access the /cell GUI which is used to teleport to cell, change name or description, toggle privacy, upgrade cell size, view members, and ban players.

Teleport To Cell Clicking this will automatically teleport you to your cell (/home)

Change Name/Description upon clicking you’ll see a message popping up in chat explaining how to change the Name/Description of your cell.

Toggle Privacy Clicking this will result in making your cell Public/Private, depending on its current state.

Upgrade Build Size Clicking this will result in Upgrading your cell, making it bigger. this costs money and you need to be in the right mine rank for you to be able to do this.

View Members Clicking this will result in seeing all members of your cell

Banned Players Clicking this will result in you seeing the people you banned from visiting your cell


Cells are your private space where you can build, craft, smelt and even store items. In each new mine you can upgrade your cell, upgrading your cell unlocks more space in the cell.

Claiming In order to claim a cell type in /claim. To access a cell, type in /home.

Visiting In our server you are able to visit other cells, and to do so you type in /visit [playername]. Example: /visit PatP. Upon typing this command, you will be teleported to the players cell.

Inviting You are able to invite people to your cell, in order to do so type in /cell invite [player name]. example: /cell invite PatP

This is how it looks when you invite someone to your cell and the person joins:

Invited people start out as a “member” in your cell. You can give them different cell ranks by typing in /cell and going to members by clicking the head.

Click the players head to edit their Cell rank, kick them or even ban them from your realm.

Each cell rank has access to different things. This is a full list of what they can access.

It announces in chat whenever you or someone else promotes someone in your cell or a cell you are added to as shown below.

Banning To ban someone from your cell simply do /cell ban [playername]

To unban a player from your cell do /cell. Click the barrier.

Then click on the player you want to unban

Leaving To leave someone his cell, simply do /cell leave

click the head of the player who’s cell you want to leave.

Cell Name/Description

Cell shops You are able to set up shops in your cell, in your shop you can either buy items, or sell them. In order to create a shop you have to place a sign on the side of a chest. In order to make it work you have to type in certain things on the sign, follow my example: First line: [Shop] Second line: [Quantity] Third line: [Price] Fourth line: [buy/sell] After you type it all in correctly, close the sign. It should appear like this:

Then take an item you want to buy/sell and left click it on the sign and a shop will appear.

Here’s an example of how a shop looks

The shop won’t work if you have any blocks above the chest. (The sign will be blank)

Second Cell This cell is independent from the first. It has different members, upgrades, items.

You need to buy the EMERALD rank from the webstore at store.jailbreakmc.com to get a second cell. Once you have the rank, you can claim your second cell by doing /claim.

Cell Sizes and Upgraded Prices A: 5x5x4 0k 3 members B: 9x9x4 11k 4 members C: 13x13x4 45k 5 members D: 17x17x4 146k 6 members E: 21x21x4 500k 7 members F: 25x25x4 800k 8 members P1: 27x27x5 1.5mil 9 members P4: 29x29x5 1.5mil 10 members P7: 31x31x6 1.5mil 11 members P10: 35x35x7 1.5mil 12 members P13: 37x36x11 1.5mil 13 members

(Can ask for a custom cell to be pasted for P13+)